If you would like to submit to us, please submit here. First, download this release form: MA Guest-Blogger Release Form, and fill it out. Upload the release form as part of the application process. We accept Maritime news stories, interviews, sports, artwork, short stories, poems, and opinion pieces.

If you would prefer to email your submission, please email to

Please sent a small 1 paragraph biography, and photo of yourself as well as your name for your byline.

You may suggest an article photo, if you own rights, however these are subject to editor standards.

Types of articles we’re looking for:

  • Maritime Culture
  • Stories from home
  • Family folk stories
  • Tales about Maritime (and Atlantic) peoples
  • Music
  • Sports
  • Anything related to the Maritimes

We are not looking for political pieces at this time unless they focus on:

  • Healthcare
  • Business/economy
  • Small businesses

Editorial Guidelines

  • Posts may be edited for clarity, length, titles (for SEO), and featured images.
  • Please do not submit posts that have numerous spelling/grammatical or structural errors.
  • Posts should be within 600-1200 words
  • Posts should not be offensive (however, cursing etc are acceptable in many instances, we are maritimer’s after-all)
  • Posts without a signed release form will NOT be accepted


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